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Using Performance Data To See Network Problems

I frequently work cases where the problem is a performance problem.  Either an entire system or an application is slow enough that users are affected.    Another frequent performance problem is with storage-side replication.  In these cases replication is not able to keep up with the production workload and RPOs are not being met.   Replication is done most commonly between sites, though I have worked a few cases with same-site (or campus) replication.     Whether you are using IBM DS8000 PPRC/Global Mirror, IBM SVC/FlashSystem Global Mirror (GM) or Global Mirror with Change Volumes (GMCV) you expect that the replicated data will be current up to a certain point in time behind the production data.  This is your Recovery Point Objective (RPO).    Your RPO is how current the replicated data needs to be.  For data that doesn't change often, an RPO of 30 minutes or an hour might be enough.  For data that frequently changes, an RPO of a few minutes might be required.  For weekly reporti