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Physical Switch SAN Implementation for an SVC Hyperswap Cluster

In February 2020 I wrote this post   on the supported SAN design for SVC and Spectrum Virtualize Hyperswap clusters.  In that post I covered some of the problems that arise with improper SAN design for SVC clusters in a Hyperswap configuration.   The requirement at it's most basic when using Hyperswap is to have completely separate fabrics for private traffic, where the private traffic is used for only the inter-node communication within the cluster and there are one or more public fabrics for everything else.  There are various ways that SANs can be implemented to meet that requirement.    This is one in a series of blog posts that will discuss some of the options for fabric design within that framework and provide some implementation details on Cisco and Brocade fabrics.  I will also show you some of the common mistakes that are made in the SAN implementation.  As with that post, while I may only reference SVC in this series (for exanple, the diagram below depicts an SVC clust